Art    The Weaving Widow/ White Night Melbourne

21.02.15 to 22.02.15

Come and be inspired by this 12-hour basket weaving marathon. Provocative, beautiful and eerie all at the same time, this onsite installation will give you goose bumps.

Inspired by personal tragedy The Weaving Widow gives you an insight into Adrienne Kneebone’s sensory and tactile world.  Using plant material harvested from a Yarra Valley fibre artist, she will coil stitch a life size basket for the duration of the night – for all onlookers to see.

This  work connects with the artist’s relationship with nature, and laughs ironically at her cultural displacement.  Starting from scratch, Kneebone will embed herself inside the basket and, with a herculean effort, disappear as the basket grows.

Weaving Widow @ Federation Square Melbourne by

Weaving Widow @ Federation Square Melbourne  2015

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