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Established artists Nina Ambjerg-Pederson and Adrienne Kneebone have been invited to create the Knox Festival centrepiece, Suburban Bloom, a large sculpture in the form of a tree made from recycled materials, native grasses, flowers and vines, gathered from Knox parks and reserves.  The tree symbolises the growth and movement that women experience throughout their lives. 


Lead artist Adrienne Kneebone, one of Victoria’s leading contemporary fibre artists has a strong skill base in traditional and contemporary basketry techniques and loves to incorporate materials from the land into her work.  “The idea of Suburban Blooms has grown from strength to strength considering and celebrating all women of Knox from all backgrounds and ages and considering all stages of life” Kneebone said. “Working with the local parks we will be harvesting local fibres, teaching basketry techniques and madly creating “The Bloom" over an intensive two weeks”.


Together Adrienne Kneebone and emerging local textile artist Brydie Dyson will also run three workshops leading up to the festival engaging a variety of women’s groups from the Knox region.  Three leaf shapes of varying colour will be made, reflecting the natural progression of the highs and lows of everyday life.  These will be added to the Knox centrepiece Suburban Bloom.  The crown of the tree will contain blooming flowers, full of vigour and life, which graduate to wilted and tired leaves at the base.  As well, workshop participants will learn to make take home baskets from locally gathered plant materials.  Kneebone states “Having elements of the art work we produce added to by women in Knox will enhance and enrich the work created.”


In addition, Bush Toy weaving workshops will be facilitated by Adrienne Kneebone and Brydie Dyson at Knox Festival, March 2-3, 2013.  These creations will be taken home for the family to enjoy.  There will also be the opportunity to create leaves that can be attached to the Suburban Bloom sculpture.


Suburban Bloom by Adrienne Kneebone

Suburban Bloom  2013

Brydie Dyson's Embroidery Work by Adrienne Kneebone

Brydie Dyson's Embroidery Work  2013

Nina Welding Suburban Blooms by Adrienne Kneebone

Nina Welding Suburban Blooms  2013

Completely Cobbled by Adrienne Kneebone

Completely Cobbled  2013

Grass Baskets W/shop by

Grass Baskets W/shop  2012

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