Art    Hung out to Dry!

13.05.15 to 02.02.16

Image: As rough as grass undies 2006/2015, Mixed media installation: Clothes hoist, cotton underwear, Cockatoo Grass seeds (Dicanthium sereciun) and Spear Grass seeds (Sorgum intrans). Hung out to dry: Space, memory and domestic laundry practices (University of Queensland Art Museum) 
(Adrienne Kneebone, reproduced courtesy of the artist)


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Territory Maid by

Territory Maid  2006

Grass Seeds, Undies

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Sculpture in the Park 2006 Darwin by

Sculpture in the Park 2006 Darwin  2006

undies, hills hoist, spear grass seed

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As Rough As Grass Undies by

As Rough As Grass Undies  2007

Hills Hoist, Undies, Spear grass seed


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Maid by

Maid  2006

Ladies underwear, grass seed


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